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Auction Conditions


The starting and hammer prices will be in Euro, as well as all purchase´s payments.

Prices marked in the catalogue are the minimum sale prices. Bids below starting prices will not be considered.

Lots will be adjudicated to the highest bidder. With bids done in same amount, the one received sooner will win. We don´t accept bids with decimals.

For those clients who cannot be in auction floor, or rather bid from distance, we offer bid by order, by telephone and by our online bidding system in real time. Lots are sold to lowest price possible prevailing bid order in floor auction and, in case of equality with others; the one received in our office sooner will have priority.

Increases in prices will be done as follows:

Until 100€ increases of 5 € are applied.

Between 101€ and 200€ increases of 10€ are applied.

Between 201€ and 500€ increases of 20€ are applied.

Between 501€ and 1000€ increases of 50€ are applied.

Between 1001€ and 3000€ increases of 100€ are applied.

From 3001€ increases of 250€ are applied.

TAULER&FAU will not be responsible of possible interruptions caused in online system or by deficiencies attributable to others.

The buyer will pay the hammer price with an increase of 18% in concept of auction rights (VAT included). Insurance and shipping costs will be paid by the buyer.

Acquired lots must be paid over 30 days after the auction date. TAULER&FAU keeps the right to cancel a purchase and to have the lots, and/or claim judicially the amount owed, as well as damages caused.

TAULER&FAU guarantees the authenticity of the lots shown in this catalogue, unless otherwise indicated. Lots’s descriptions have been carefully done by our technical team which guarantees its authenticity and conditions. However, if any unmentioned defect affects the coin, it can be returned within 10 days.

In no case we will accept returns of lots acquired on auction floor or lots that have been examined previously by the buyer. In case of lots acquired by written orders, the returns must be done within 10 days since the reception date, and always with justified reason given or because of coin´s defects not mentioned in the catalogue.

In no case we will accept returns of lots or cartridges from F.N.M.T. (National Factory of Coin and Timbre). It won´t be a reason of return the discrepancy about the conservation, except mistake, considering that all our lots are carefully inspected by specialists following international rules. Any returned item must be returned in exactly the same conditions as it was delivered.

TAULER&FAU reserves the right of admission to auction floor, as well as decline any bid order that could alter the auction´s regular development. TAULER&FAU can cancel, reunify or alter the order of lots if the company considers it convenient.

Lots will be kept under seller property until the total payment is done.

It´s mandatory that the buyer reads and knows the current fiscal dispositions and customs in Spain. In case of exportation (coins sent outside Spain) the buyer should bear in mind the law of Patrimonio Histórico Español 16/1985. According to this law, an exportation license will be required for those coins aged more than 100 years. For coins sent outside EU, besides the exportation license given by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, an export tax will be applied. Please note that these restrictions will be applied to those items which are over 100 years, in accordance with the current Spanish legislation above mentioned. The exportation papers can take between 4 and 6 weeks.

By participating in our auctions the buyer absolutely accepts these conditions.

The text that force implied participants in auctions will be the one published in Spanish, and complementary texts will respond to that one. For legal disputes originated by problems in auctions or by these conditions we will turn to courts and tribunals in Madrid.